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Conferència “Desastre .ORG”

Divendres 28 de febrer de 2020, a les 18:00 IEC C/ Carme 47 Barcelona A càrrec de l’Amadeu Abril i Abril Ex-membre del Board d’ICANN, Ex-membre del board del .org, Fundador de .cat, i Chief Policy Advisor de CORE. Arrel de l’anunci de la venda de PIR (gestor del domini .org) per part d’ISOC a…

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PIR, .org, Internet Society & Ethos Capital. point of view.

The ISOC Catalan Chapter regrets the ISOC Board’s decision to sell PIR (and the .org domain) and sees with deep concern the consequences. We request the Board to listen to the community, and to reconsider seriously the deal. It seems the members of the Board, and some other members too, have prioritized short-term gains over…

Llegeix més