Des de ISOC-CAT ens adherim al comunicat de la GEC per defensar l’encriptació extrem-a-extrem sense afeblir-la.

Global Encryption Day Statement

Strong encryption is a critical technology that helps keep people, their information, and communications private and secure. It underpins online trust, protects members of vulnerable communities, and safeguards the data of governments, businesses, and everyday citizens from criminals and hostile governments. However, some governments and organizations are pushing to weaken encryption, which would create a dangerous precedent that compromises the security of billions of people around the world. Actions in one country that undermine encryption threaten us all. On Global Encryption Day, we call on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to undermine encryption and instead pursue policies that enhance, strengthen, and promote use of strong encryption to protect people everywhere. We also support and encourage the efforts of companies to protect their customers by deploying strong encryption on their services and on their platforms. Strong encryption is a critical tool toward a safer world for us all.




Dear Members of the Global Encryption Coalition,

Global Encryption Day is this Friday, 21 October and the community is already hosting fantastic events, doing great media outreach and much more!

Global Encryption Day is a chance for our community to stand as one voice and call on governments around the world to protect strong encryption!

With Global Encryption Day just a few days away, there are still many ways for you and your organization to be a part of the campaign!

  • Amplify the message! This Global Encryption Day, we are running social media ads as part of a social media campaign to highlight the importance of strong encryption. Post your own messages of support for strong encryption on Global Encryption Day! To help support you in your activities for Global Encryption day, we have developed a social media toolkit including new ads and assets. You can find it all here:
  • Attend an event! Join one of the many awesome events being developed by our GEC community members! There’s likely an event happening in your region! Find them here:
  • Sign the Global Encryption Day Statement!   The Global Encryption Day statement calls on governments to support, not undermine, strong encryption. The Statement is the same as last year, so if your organization has not yet signed up to the Statement – please sign up here:
  • Help us find stories of how encryption keeps us safe! We are also still looking for stories about how encryption keeps people safe. These stories are critical for our messaging and as tools in our collective advocacy tool belt as we face future encryption threats. If you have or know of a story of encryption keeping people safe, please submit them here:
    • Alternatively, we are also collecting these stories on Twitter, with the hashtag #nightmarewithoutencryption.

Thank you again for your work to support Global Encryption Day and your efforts to fight for strong encryption around the world.